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Chix Chicken and Waffles name originated from two very creative friends. Ones passion for cooking and the other’s passion for creativity. In the summer of 2020 the two friends began working on the idea of joining the food truck frenzy.

It was a hard day when one decided to move onto another opportunity (so proud of you)! Chix
continued to move forward with Tracy and her husband Monte! Monte has been Tracy’s biggest
supporter and has helped continue to make the dreams of Chix come true!

At Chix Chicken and Waffles, it’s all in the name. You’ll find us frying up chicken tenders and griddling up waffles in the Siouxland area, finding new unique ways to combine both and deliver comfort food that we all love! Chix Chicken and Waffles is ready to give you all types of sweet, savory and all around satisfying for any time of day.
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